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Safety Use


Proper use of escalator

1. Children and senior citizens should be assisted at the time of using escalator or moving sidewalk. Children aged below 3 should not be allowed to use escalator or moving sidewalk.
2. Stand in the middle of the step, not too near to any side.
3. At the end of the escalator or moving sidewalk, walk on the path carefully.


1. Do not stick your head out of escalator or moving sidewalk.
2. Do not use trolley on escalator. Trolley may be used on moving sidewalk.
3. Do not run or play on escalator or moving sidewalk.
4. Do not pierce and step of escalator or moving sidewalk with any sharp object.
5. Do not smoke. Smoking can cause fire.
6. Not more than 2 persons can stand on one step.
7. Do not allow any item to hit glass.
8. Do not overload any step.
9. Do not place any items on handrail.
10. Do not lean on handrail.
11. Do not stand on the side or climb on the handrail of the escalator or moving sidewalk.
12. Do not drop any item down the escalator or moving sidewalk.
13. Do not sit on the step or on moving sidewalk
14. Do not play on the control panel at the end of the escalator.


What to do when the elevator is stuck

1. When the elevator is stuck, be calm. Do not panic. It is not dangerous. The elevator is designed for good ventilation even when the fan stops working.
2. If there is a power outage, the emergency light will give sufficient light. Press the emergency call at the panel and wait for help. You can talk to people outside.
3. Give information to rescuers such as the number of persons in the elevator, details of accidents or injuries. Indicate the last floor which the elevator passed before it stops. After that, wait for rescue.
4. While waiting for rescue, the elevator may move to a certain level.
5. Do not try to force open the door, as it can be dangerous.
6. Non-rescuers should not attempt to help passengers get out of elevator. People who can rescue passengers should undergo special training. The person stuck in elevator can make emergency call to Hitachi Call Center at 02-641-3030 round the clock.

How to tell that the elevator is safe?

For safety, check the conditions of elevator as follows:

1. The doors, buttons, walls and other items should not be deteriorating.
2. All the buttons and lighting should be working properly.
3. There should be button for emergency call and phone number for contacting people outside elevator.
4. There should not be any unusual noises, vibrations or shaking when the elevator stops.
5. The elevator must stand still when passengers come in or go out. The door must close before the elevator moves.
6. At the time of receiving passengers, the elevator must be at the same level as the floor.
7. There should be a sign with instructions and what to do in emergency.
8. The elevator must not move when its door is still opening.
9. Overloaded elevator must not be in operation.

Q: What are the causes of accidents?

A: Most accidents are caused by improper maintenance or use of inferior quality parts. Elevators are safely designed with stringent quality inspection during installation before delivery for use. At initial stage, the elevator is trouble free so it is not properly maintained or handled by inexperienced personnel. After certain time, some of the parts deteriorate quicker than usual, especially the safety devices which are not properly maintained. Accidents and injuries are often caused by inexperienced service personnel.

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